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Signs of a Hoarder and Why You Should Hire Biohazard Cleanup Help in Exton, PA

September 9th, 2019 · No Comments

To some people, hoarders are the stuff of reality shows, documentaries, and news segments. Sure, they exist, but they don’t exist in their circle. They don’t like to think about it. They couldn’t possibly be connected to a hoarder. Hoarders can’t be found in Exton, PA, right?

Actually, some people are hoarders without even really realizing it. Their loved ones also might not realize it. What are the signs of a hoarder, and should you call a biohazard cleanup company to clean and restore the home and help you make things right again?


They Refuse to Part with Broken, Worthless, or Useless Things

Do they have stacks of outdated newspapers sitting on their kitchen table, unmoved for years? Do they refuse to throw away expired food, broken furniture, or clothes with holes in them? If so, you might have a hoarder on your hands.

Hoarders don’t like to throw away items. To them, everything can be used for something or given away to a loved one. Any attempts to throw away these items are met with resistance, with plenty of screaming and crying thrown in for good measure.


It’s Getting Hard to Wander Through the House

If you can’t walk two feet without tripping over something, you could have a hoarding situation on your hands. If you have to navigate carefully past jumbled mounds of boxes or step delicately over stacks of books or magazine just to use the bathroom, action should be taken.


There are Obvious Health Hazards

Hoarders tend to end up with severe health issues in their home. Everything from black mold to rats show up in one way or another. A biohazard cleanup company can help you deal with these dangerous issues safely and professionally.


Contact ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration of Exton, PA for reliable biohazard cleanup assistance. We can be reached here or call us at (610) 524-8003.

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