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Act Fast to Get Water Damage Related Carpet Cleaning this Summer by Calling ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration in Newtown Square, PA

According to Trib Total Media, western Pennsylvania has seen some nasty rainstorms this summer. The East Coast has its fair share of weather-related disasters, and taking the proper steps to mitigate water damage in your home will be a life saver. Acting quickly and calling a professional cleaning service will do the trick. If you are in the Newtown Square, PA area and you are in need of a water damage expert to clean your carpet, call ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration.

Prepare for a flood

If you know that your basement is prone to flooding, set aside time to apply a sealant to ensure tiny cracks won’t release water into your basement. By waterproofing your basement, your carpet is much safer. Stay on top of weather alerts by downloading the weather app on your phone. Stow away valuables and furniture that may get damaged during a rain storm.

Remove Carpet, Fast!

If you have carpet in your basement, a flood is the worst thing that could happen. If you find yourself with soggy carpet, peel it back immediately. Carpet won’t dry quickly on its own, depending on how extensive the damage is. Purchase a mold prevention spray and apply to the bottom of your carpet and the flooring that was underneath.

Call a Professional

If you think that your carpet will return to normal quickly, you are not weighing all the possible outcomes. Mold grows very quickly during warm and humid weather. Your best option to save your carpet is to hire a professional water damage restoration service to thoroughly clean, dry, and sanitize the carpeting.

Summertime is very beautiful in these parts! Flooding, mold, and replacing belongings are not the type of things you should be worrying about. Take a stand and prepare for weather disasters ahead of time. If you are dealing with a water damage situation in your home in Newtown Square, PA, call ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration.