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Toxic Substances in SSOs and Sewage Cleanup in King of Prussia, PA

Sanitary sewer and combined sewer systems in the United States handle sewage generated residentially, commercially, and industrially by safely collecting and transporting those materials along with storm- and groundwater to treatment centers. Because these systems continually handle large amounts of sewage, sometimes overflows occur when qualities of wastewater fluctuate. These backups and Sanitary Sewer Overflows […]

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Septic Truck Leaking 500 Gallons of Raw Sewage Calls for Sewage Cleanup in Chester Springs, PA

Since the first plumbing systems were developed in ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece, we’ve continued to come up with ways to handle our waste in safe, hygienic ways. Municipal, commercial, and residential septic systems are effective ways of containing, treating, and breaking down sewage matter today. However, if those plumbing systems are compromised by flooding, […]

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Top 4 Causes of Sewer Backups That Need Professional Sewage Cleanup in Exton, PA

If you’ve ever experienced trouble with your plumbing, you know it’s a very messy and smelly problem that can damage your home and even pose a health risk to people and pets subjected to the mess. While flooding is a serious problem that could expose your home to raw sewage and wastewaters, sewer backups are […]

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Protozoa and Sludge in Wastewater Requiring Sewage Cleanup in Coatesville, PA

In septic systems and wastewater treatment plants, chemical and biological balance are necessary for sewage to be broken down safely and effectively. Contained wastewater treatment systems are critical components of our infrastructure. If these systems are damaged in any way, they can result in dangerous sewage exposure to communities, farmland, drinking water, and many other […]

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Why Septic System Damage and Flooding Require Professional Sewage Cleanup in Exton, PA

On a state-by-state basis, the EPA monitors and assesses water quality for several contaminants, including industrial and agricultural chemicals, microbes such as infectious bacteria, viruses, and parasites, and other waste materials like raw sewage. Water containing sewage is rated as Category 3 under EPA regulations. While Category 3 water can come from sewage backups in […]

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Types of Wastewater Requiring Professional Sewage Cleanup in Frazer, PA

Whether you’ve experienced plumbing issues isolated to your own home, such as a failed sump pump or cracked pipes, or a community-wide problem like flooding, exposure to sewage can cause significant levels of damage and create toxic environments. In the majority of instances, water damage with even the smallest traces of sewage requires rigorous cleanup […]

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