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Sewage Cleanup in Exton, PA, with Expert Support

sewage cleanup

Home ownership is a rollercoaster of unexpected challenges and short-notice repairs, but one of the most egregious forms of sudden damage can come in the form of sewage backups. Following this type of backup, knowing whom to turn to, and quickly, is vital.  ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration can help Exton, PA, residents recover from sewer-related damage, and is proud to offer our sewage cleanup services on call and when you need them.

Sewage Cleanup

The need for home sewage cleanup can stem from a variety of sources, and depending on the age of your home and the location of your lot, you may find yourself contending with sewage issues off and on throughout the time of your ownership. Tree roots and the condition of your pipes, for instance, can be risk factors for sewer issues that are difficult to gauge at a glance. Backups can also be caused by flooding, pipe blockages, city-wide sewer issues, and beyond.

Preventing Sewage Backups

Being careful not to flush or dispose of items down any home pipes is a well-known prevention method. However, staying vigilant and watching for changes in your sewage system so you can act quickly is the best prevention strategy because the signs of an incoming sewage backup can be as subtle as a new smell, a slow drain, or a hole in your yard.


 If you’ve never experienced a sewer backup or are at a new location and don’t know the signs, it’s understandable to have no idea what to do after an overflow occurs or your home sustains sewage-related damage. Our team at ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration can provide comprehensive sewage cleanup, restoration, and sanitizing after a backup event occurs. Our cleanup experts will remove any evidence of a backup, and give you the clean space and air you need to plan your next steps.

Exton, PA, residents struggling with the aftermath of sewer damage can reach out at (610) 524-8003 or visit our website for more details. Make the safe, professional choice of contacting ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration today.