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COVID-19 Disinfection

COVID-19 Disinfection ServiceMaster Clean stands ready to help keep our communities clean, healthy, and safe. Our cleaning technicians can perform coronavirus disinfection in homes, businesses, and public spaces. Call us today to learn more about our disinfection process. The New Coronavirus COVID-19, or “coronavirus disease 2019,” should be taken seriously. Since it was first identified […]

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How to Deal with Sewage and Sewage Cleanup in Frazer, PA

When some people think about sewage damage in their home, they assume it’s not a huge deal – it’s just a regular water damage situation with dirtier water, right? After all, a leaky faucet in your bathroom is harmless – why should sewage be any different?   Sewage in your home, however, can cause a […]

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Preparing Your Home for a New Dog and Why Carpet Cleaning Helps

Few things are more exciting than a new family member, particularly a new furry family member. Adding a dog to your household means many days and nights filled with kisses, fetch, and unconditional love, but it also comes with responsibilities.   If you want to make sure your new pet can transition into your household […]

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The Trickiness Involved with Smoke Damage Removal in West Chester, PA

While fires can be put out quickly if help is received, the damage they cause can be difficult to repair, and the mental aftermath of the disaster can last for years. If you’ve ever experienced a fire, you know it can leave you feeling scared, vulnerable, and unsure of what to do next. You always […]

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Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Sewage Cleanup in King of Prussia, PA

These days, many people try to fix or create things on their own, whether that means building a bookshelf from scratch or mending torn clothes. They watch videos online, talk to people at their local hardware stores, or ask around the neighborhood for tips and advice. They don’t just do it to save money – […]

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