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Preparing Your Home for a New Dog and Why Carpet Cleaning Helps

Few things are more exciting than a new family member, particularly a new furry family member. Adding a dog to your household means many days and nights filled with kisses, fetch, and unconditional love, but it also comes with responsibilities.   If you want to make sure your new pet can transition into your household […]

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The Benefits of Office Carpet Cleaning for the New Year

When people picture offices, they usually assume that these places are boring and uneventful. Offices might have a water cooler in one corner and a snack machine in another, but to many people, everything else is nondescript and generic. You know better, though. You know many business owners care about keeping their employees happy and […]

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Carpet Cleaning and Thanksgiving in Frazer, PA

You have so much to do! Thanksgiving is almost here, and this year you’re hosting. You have to think about who should bring what to the meal. You have to plan when what will get made, what you should buy to decorate the table with, and any games the children should play to keep them […]

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