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Sewage Cleanup and Restoration in Your Malvern, PA, Home

sewage cleanup

It’s hard to disagree that a sewage backup in your Malvern, PA, home is one of the worst surprises you can get as a homeowner. Even after those immediate moments of dismay pass and the planning begins, the logistics of effectively handling sewage damage in your home can take over your day, week, or longer. ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning provides complete sewage cleanup services to homeowners in need and we can do it in a hurry. And when sewage is involved, it’s hard not to be in a hurry.

Sewage Safety in the Home

When any kind of disaster occurs in the home, it’s hard to fight the instinct to grab a mob and just get right into the thick of cleaning it. However, when it comes to sewage, cleaning up isn’t easy and the smell isn’t the only challenge. Sewage damage comes with the added side effect of containing a lot of bacteria. Even if you throw on your PVC gloves and rain boots, the dangers contained in sewage can still put you at risk for a health issue.

Instead of trying to tackle sewage cleanup on your own, you should instead implement the best practices of to keeping people and pets away from the area and call for professional cleanup support from ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration. If you have no choice but to access the area for some reason, be sure to carefully sanitize anything that comes into contact with the backed-up material.

Sewage Cleanup and Home Restoration

Once our professional sewage cleanup technicians arrive, they can assess the impacted area and make a restoration plan. Sewage damage can seep into carpets, leave residue on hard surfaces, and also stain anything porous. We understand that sewage damage in your home can be distressing—indeed, any type of home damage is stressful—but sewage backups, in particular, can make your home feel inhospitable. With that in mind, our sewage cleanup team works quickly to ensure that no remnants of the incident remain.

If your Malvern, PA, home has been impacted by sewage damage, our comprehensive cleaning experts are available at (610) 524-8003. Find out more about the home restoration options that we provide at ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration by visiting our website here.