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An Overview of Problems Arising from Mold Growth and Methods Used by Mold Removal Companies in Exton, PA to Completely Eradicate the Problem

Mold growth is a serious problem for your health as well as your home. If you find you have mold growing in your home, or aren’t sure but have concerns, you should get in touch with a mold removal company in Exton, PA. Our aim here is to provide some information about problems that result from mold growth, techniques remediation companies use for removal of mold, and how you can select the right company for the task.

Problems Resulting from Mold Growth

Mold can create health problems such as:

  • As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Stachybotrys Chartarum is one form of mold which is toxigenic and can cause different neurological problems.
  • Mold can produce irritants and allergens which result in sneezing, running nose, skin rashes, and other allergic reactions. Additionally, asthma patients can have asthma attacks due to such allergic reactions.
  • The EPA also states that mold can augment the possibility of having respiratory issues by as much as 50%.

Mold can also cause damage to structures, furnishings, and belongings:

  • According to OSHA, mold gradually destroys things it starts growing on such as furnishings, clothing, carpeting, and other types of organic materials.
  • Mold can also rot wood, discolor drywall, as well as weaken floors and walls.

How to remove mold?

Removing and eliminating mold is quite important. Companies involved in mold remediation use different techniques for this purpose. The following are some of the methods for remediating mold as explained by NCSU:

  • Wet Vacuuming: This method is utilized for removal of water from hard surfaces, floors, and carpets. This method is only useful if there is sufficient water present, otherwise this technique can cause the spread of mold spores.
  • Damp Wipe: This technique consists of wiping or scrubbing of surfaces (especially nonporous) using water and detergent. After the wiping process is over, the surface is thoroughly dried to make sure mold growth does not start again.
  • Dry Brushing: In dry brushing, sanding as well as wire brushing is utilized to remove mold growth from wooden surfaces such as frames or subfloors.
  • HEPA Vacuuming: HEPA vacuums are used for final clean up after everything fully dries and things which have been contaminated are discarded.
  • Biocides: If any immune-compromised individual lives in the cleaned and remediated area, biocides such as chlorine bleach are utilized for complete eradication of the mold problem.

Tips on Choosing a Mold Remediation Firm

A few of the things you need to check at the time of selecting any company would include:

  • Checking if they have the required experience and follow mold removal standards like BSR-IICRC S520.
  • Making sure that they have the required insurance coverage consisting of general and pollution liability as well as workmen’s compensation.
  • Ensuring that the company provides a written inspection report which has information about why mold growth occurred in your house, details of areas which were inspected, and information on how the company plans to solve the problem.

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