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Most Common Events Requiring Trauma Cleanup in West Chester, PA

Professional cleaning or restoration services are critical in numerous situations. After a fire or a flood, building owners affected often can’t perform as thorough or successful cleanup and repairs as professionals. This is also the case after a traumatic event when biohazards are present at a scene. The cleaning solutions and tools available to individual […]

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Disposal of Biohazards Found during Hoarding Cleanup in Exton, PA

As a professional restoration and cleanup provider, ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration technicians have worked to recover many different sites. From flooding to fire damage, we work to salvage damaged materials, clean and deodorize, dispose of hazards, and repair any structural issues. When we are called to clean up a building that was previously a […]

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Pathogens In Wastewater and Why You Need Professional Sewage Cleanup in Frazer, PA

When basements flood, plumbing backs up, pipes burst, or any other time your indoor space is exposed to sewage and standing water, there are serious health risks involved. Both wastewater (sewage) and standing water (floodwater) carry pathogens that can negatively impact human and animal health. While we have almost eradicated certain diseases that are spread […]

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Hoarding Cleanup in Malvern, PA

The results of a hoarding disorder are messy, unsanitary, and often dangerous for a number of reasons. Hoarding disorders are complicated issues that still are widely misunderstood outside of the mental healthcare world. Unfortunately, there are a lot of stigmas around hoarding behaviors, and many people are unsure how to handle the situation. If you […]

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Carpet Cleaning in Exton, PA

Whether it’s your home or business, every building interior will benefit from a thorough spring cleaning. The winter months leave indoor spaces sealed up, and even with a filtered HVAC system, those self-contained environments can tend to get stuffy. Spring cleaning brings new vitality to a living space or work place, improves morale, increases indoor […]

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Benefits of Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning in Downingtown, PA

The many methods of carpet treatment and cleaning available today can make it difficult to know which are the best choices for your home or business. From hot water extraction to dry cleaning, professional carpet cleaning companies offer multiple technologies. Each method may be better or worse depending how frequently your carpets are cleaned, the […]

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Trauma Cleanup in King of Prussia, PA for Hit-and-Run Deaths and Other Car Accidents

Traffic accidents happen every day throughout the region of Philadelphia and Chester counties. Fortunately, the majority of these accidents are nonfatal and often are minor incidents. In 2021, only 121 of the 8,120 reported traffic accidents in the Philadelphia metro area involved fatalities. Though the numbers are lower than elsewhere, fatal accidents still happen and […]

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Importance of Pack-Out and Board-Up for Fire Damage Restoration in West Chester, PA

When compared to flooding, storms, earthquakes, and other causes of building damage, nothing is quite as devastating as fire. Not only do fires consume building materials and belongings, as well as pose extreme immediate danger to people or pets, they also leave behind long-term soot and smoke damage. Because fires are typically extinguished with water, […]

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