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Why You Shouldn’t Use Bleach for Trauma Cleanup

If trauma cleanup in your home or business becomes necessary in Malvern, PA, you might want to try and recover as quickly as possible. For many of us that means reaching for the bleach. It’s easily available and widely known for cleaning and disinfecting, and it’s our go-to cleaner for heavy jobs. But, as much as society likes to associate bleach with complete and total cleanness, this isn’t necessarily the case. It won’t really help you with your problem.


It Can Hurt Your Skin

You likely already knew this, but bleach isn’t something to use lightly. You shouldn’t let bleach touch your skin as it can cause redness, itching, or burning. Do you really want to get down on your hands and knees and deal with this cleaning material for several hours, perhaps longer? You may not even be able to get things clean, despite your efforts. For your safety, it’s important to leave biohazard cleanup to the experts by hiring a trauma cleanup company.


It Releases Harmful Fumes

Along with irritating your skin, bleach can also cause irreversible damage to your eyes and internal organs, possibly leading to death. If you combine bleach with other types of cleaners, the toxic fumes from the mixture can be extremely dangerous.


It Won’t Get Rid of Everything

You might like to think bleach completely cleans a surface, but this isn’t always the case. If it comes into contact with dirt first, for example, it may not clean any bacteria, and vice versa. This is too risky.


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