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What’s Hiding in Your Carpet and Why You Should Hire a Carpet Cleaning Company in Lansdale, PA

When someone walks into your home, what’s one of the first things they notice? Some people might gloss over the color of the walls or the clutter on the coffee table, but many will notice the carpeting. Your carpet is an extension of your family’s personality. It protects you and provides a comfortable surface for your feet. If you have pets, they no doubt enjoy plopping down on the carpet after a good play session. Have you ever thought about what could be hiding in your carpeting? Did it ever occur to you that health hazards aren’t always visible? If you want to keep your Lansdale, PA, carpet truly clean, keep reading.

Mold and Bacteria

Believe it or not, mold and bacteria hide inside your carpeting. When people walk around your home in wet shoes or socks, they spread moisture. Mold isn’t picky – it can grow in a variety of environments, and this doesn’t help matters. Dirty feet can also bring bacteria into your carpeting. There’s no quick fix for getting rid of either of these problems, even if you try to purchase the best carpet cleaning materials available at your local grocery store.

Animal Fur and Dander

In order to partake in good carpet care, you need to know that animal fur and dander can hide in your carpeting. Light surface vacuuming can only do so much. If a guest or member of your family is allergic to fur or dander, they could be in for a lot of misery.


You probably think you could spot crumbs from a mile away, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Not all crumbs are obvious and you could miss them while you perform carpet cleaning.


Carpets can be filled with harmful chemicals, especially if they’re new and fresh from the factory.

Feeling overwhelmed? Hire a professional carpet care company. They have the tools, training, and expertise necessary to perform a deep cleaning.

Carpeting accounts for 51% of the American flooring market. Make sure your carpet holds up in the years to come. Click here to contact ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration of Lansdale, PA, for reliable, thorough, and efficient carpet cleaning assistance.