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Determining How Old Water Damage Is (and Why Professional Water Damage Restoration Is Beneficial) in King of Prussia, PA

Did you just find some water damage in your home? Perhaps you were walking around the basement and found a water stain. Maybe your kids told you about a stain they found in the guest room closet that is hardly ever used. No matter where or how you discovered the water damage, you’re probably wondering how long it’s been there as well as how you can correct it. If you’d like to learn more about water damage and how you can estimate its age before you call a professional water damage restoration company in your community, check out the following information.

Does the Stain Have Any Rings?

We don’t mean rings as in the rings on a tree stump. However, stain rings can still help you determine how many times a certain area has suffered water damage. The rings, some large and others small, actually form a pattern to let you know that water damage has occurred more than once since the water has dried at different times. If you see these water rings, it means the damage is old. The water damage could have been caused, for example, by a pipe that is only used occasionally or a roof leak that allows water to enter only when it rains.

Is There Any Mold?

Some people think it takes weeks or months for mold to pop up after water damage occurs, but this isn’t the case. Actually, mold can develop a mere 24 hours after water damage occurs. If you check the area and don’t see mold of any kind, the damage could be new. However, this may not necessarily be the case. Why? Your home might be too hot or too cold for mold to grow, among other reasons.

Talk to Water Damage Restoration Professionals

Ask water damage restoration professionals to help you assess the age of the water damage. They can also help you address the source of the damage and aid in the restoration as quickly as possible.

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