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Different Kinds of Hoarders and Why Professional Hoarding Cleanup Is Beneficial in Malvern, PA

When you think about hoarders, what comes to mind? You probably think about reality TV that shows hoarders with magazines and old food wrappers stacked up to the ceiling. You likely picture dirty cobwebs hanging from doorways, rusty cars in the yard, and rats in the kitchen, among other unsanitary and unsafe things.


Did you know there are different kinds of hoarders, and some do different things or have different themes or goals in mind when they hoard their possessions? If you’ve been thinking about having a professional hoarding cleanup performed in your home or the home of a loved one, keep reading. If you have any questions about hoarding after reading the information below, call ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration at (610) 524-8003 today and speak with our experts. We’re here to help.


Emergency Hoarders

Many people like to be prepared for bad situations, but when it comes to emergency hoarders, they tend to go overboard. These individuals like to stock up on toilet paper, canned food, cereal, first aid supplies, and so on. They want to be ready for floods, tornados, and any possible negative situation that could occur. They have more than what they or their entire family could ever use, and though they think neighbors and friends might admire them for stocking up, most of these supplies are never used when they’re actually needed. Many of these supplies become unusable after suffering exposure to mold, animal droppings, etc.


“Collector” Hoarders

These hoarders tend to call themselves collectors. They might like puppets, frogs, antiques, or items of a certain color. They will fill every nook and cranny of their homes with anything that fits their chosen theme. Each item is precious to them, and some might be expensive, so parting with any of them is considered a painful prospect.


General Hoarder

These individuals hoard anything and everything. Even if a professional carpet cleaning was performed in the home, it wouldn’t be enough to take away the years of damage caused by the hoarding. However, it’s possible to start over and recover with the help of a team of hoarding cleanup professionals. The hoarder’s quality of life will be improved, and they can move forward with confidence.


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