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Fire Damage Restoration and Related Services in Norristown, PA

ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration Provides Fire Restoration Services in Norristown, PA

Fires of any size in your home or business cause tremendous amounts of stress above and beyond the damage and danger they create. Between emergency response, calls to insurance companies, and starting to pick up the pieces, there are a few forgotten aftereffects that can cause further damage if not immediately attended to.

First, smoke damage is a factor that can be underestimated, especially in smaller fires. Even a toaster fire that spreads to a single kitchen cabinet can create enough smoke to coat the entire room and adjoining rooms with a thin layer of soot. Soot from a smoky fire gets into everything, and the longer it sits the more permanent it becomes. Exposed walls and ceilings aren’t the only places in jeopardy. Smoke damage affects everything in a room. In a kitchen fire, to use the same example, carcinogen-filled smoke has likely coated plates, cups, and food stored in the room. Full fire damage restoration will include cleaning and removal of all of these items as well as cleansing every inch of interior cabinet space, walls, ceiling, lighting fixtures, and more.

Another factor that surprises many home or business owners is the damage caused by fighting the fire. In small fires, extinguisher foam will coat everything on or near the fire area. This includes carpet, upholstered furniture, drapery, and shelving. When you are thinking of cleaning up after a fire, you may not think of upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning, but these are usually necessary simply due to the extinguisher foam.

In larger fires, or when necessary, fires that are extinguished with water can cause even more of a clean up headache. After all, firefighters don’t measure out “just enough” water to put out a fire. Their priority is containing the fire and keeping you safe. After any fire that required water to extinguish it, there will be water remaining and soaking into walls and floors. Even if it appears dry, your home or business very likely has water damage to its subfloor and structure. This can cause structural damage or even require mold removal, either of which must be addressed professionally.

Fires big and small require more than what most business and home owners can afford to do to clean up on their own. To really address all parts of fire restoration, including smoke damage, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, water damage restoration, and mold remediation in Norristown, PA, call ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration and save yourself the headache during an already trying time.