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Fire Damage Restoration for Your Kitchen after an Unexpected Fire in Coatesville, PA

Fire Damage Restoration in Kitchen

Kitchen fires can happen to even the most experienced chef due to a second of distraction, a bottle slipping off the counter, a pot left unattended for a few moments too long. No matter the catalyst, any kitchen fire, large or small, can leave you with smoke damage and even structural burns on your walls, appliances, and more. Fire damage tends to be flashy at the outset, but after the flames have been extinguished, it’s all too easy to clean up and move on without considering the long-term consequences. But ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration considers every level of fire damage restoration to ensure that your Coatesville, PA, kitchen is restored to its pre-damage state.

Fire Damage Restoration

Even a small fire can lead to significant damage, and the consequences of leaving soot or stains to their own devices can become a big problem down the line. The process of fire damage restoration not only addresses surface-level aesthetic damage, but also ensures that any water damage caused during the extinguishing process is addressed as well. Restoration also includes situations where grease fires may have created a film or residue that cannot be cleaned by normal means or even comprehensive smoke remediation.

Smoke from Fire Damage

Even though you don’t see much structural damage, it’s still vital to consider the lasting impact of any smoke that was produced. Smoke remediation is a major part of comprehensive fire damage restoration, and for good reason. Along with producing an odor, smoke and its byproducts can lead to corrosion in a wide variety of materials. That’s not even considering the carcinogens produced when fire is ignited and left to smolder. In the event that the fire was significant enough to do major damage to your kitchen, smoke remediation can become necessary in other attached rooms as well.


Regardless of the depth and severity of the damage, our professional team can provide evaluations to help make a plan to begin your fire damage restoration journey. Coatesville, PA, residents who have experienced a kitchen fire can reach out to ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration for fire repair and support. Our team can help you restore your home, repair your keepsakes, and make your kitchen cooking-ready once again. Call now at (610) 524-8003 or visit our website for more information.