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Fire Damage Restoration Avoidance Tips to Tackle Before You Leave for Vacation in West Chester, PA

Summer is almost over, and people around the country are scrambling to experience the last bit of summer fun before the kids have to go back to school and before the cold weather starts to take over. If you’re planning your own little vacation, you shouldn’t pack your suitcases and stock up on sunscreen without checking out the information below. You don’t want to come back to a fire damage restoration situation in your West Chester, PA, home, do you? Be sure to look over everything carefully and call us if you have any questions.

Turn Off and Unplug Electronics and Appliances

Before you step outside the house and head to the airport, make sure to check your house and ensure that all electronics and appliances are turned off and unplugged. If something should malfunction while you’re away and a spark develops, a fire will spread when you’re not there to do anything about it. It could be some time before neighbors notice and call the authorities. Yes, doing this can take a lot of time and it might be annoying, but it’ll save you from a lot of trouble and heartbreak. You won’t have to call a fire damage remediation company (like us), either.

Ask Someone to House Sit

If you ask a friend, family member, or neighbor to come in and check on your house while you’re away, make sure they know not to do anything dangerous while they’re inside. If they decide to fire up the grill or smoke near flammable items, there could be problems. Let them know about your electronics and appliances situation. If they need to plug something in, tell them to unplug it when they’re done. Fire damage restoration assistance won’t be necessary.

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