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Fourth of July Fireworks and Fire Safety | Exton, PA Fire Restoration

ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration provides fire restoration in Exton, PA and the surrounding communities

As we get into the swing of summer there is one holiday that everyone throughout Pennsylvania is looking forward to – The Fourth of July! Independence Day is an important holiday to our American Culture, and had its start right here in our great Commonwealth! It is one of the most enjoyable days of the summer for friends, family, and companies. A holiday celebrated with hot dogs, pop, and more, there is one particular facet that makes this holiday undeniably enjoyable – FIREWORKS!  In the unfortunate event there is a fire damage disaster and your find yourself in need of fire restoration services in Exton, PA, ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration is the name you can trust to take care of the disaster.

It is important to remember that the term “fireworks” has a specific legal definition here in Pennsylvania. It is illegal for citizens of the Commonwealth to purchase or possess consumer or display fireworks without a permit [Title 35, Chapter 13A, sections 1271 and 1275]. “Non-fireworks” such as “novelties,” “ground and hand-held sparkling devices,” and “caps” are the only types of display items legal to posses and be used by Pennsylvanian citizens. These guidelines are in place to help reduce damages, and to prevent you from seeking out fire restoration services. 

Fire safety, especially when it comes to combustible non-fireworks items, is an extremely important aspect of the Fourth of July. Did you know that a burning sparkler can achieve a temperature greater than 1200 degrees Fahrenheit? To ensure fire safety rules are being followed for approved and legal display items, please follow these steps:

1. Before lighting, read the warning and instruction labels carefully.
2. Buy only quality and legal non-fireworks items from a reliable seller or distributor
3. Light display items outside and away from buildings and combustible materials
4. Have water handy during a display – just in case!
5. Light only one display item at a time
6. If a display item doesn’t work after it is lit, wait 15-20 minutes and dump the item
in a bucket of water
7. If you must store display items for an extended period of time, keep them in a cool, dry environment, and keep them out of sight and reach of children
8. After igniting a ground display device, stand a safe distance away

Although there are many additional fire safety tips, these steps can help you begin on your journey towards a safe display and an enjoyable Fourth of July. Don’t wait until it’s too late – call ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration immediately after a fire damage event! Stay safe, and enjoy your Fourth of July celebrations!