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Get Carpet Cleaning Help in Exton, PA with ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration

Summer has ended and fall is taking its place. Over the warm season, you and your house may have taken a much-needed vacation, and with that has come unwanted dirt and dust accumulation on your shelves and in your carpet. It only takes one dirty pair of shoes to track mud and dirt remnants onto clean floors. For carpet cleaning help in Exton, PA call ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration.


Pet Stains

Pet activity peaks in the summertime. From swimming in your neighbor’s pool to jumping in the sprinklers, your pet’s summer activities can mix water and dirt together to create one messy dog (and one messy carpet.) Popular Mechanics has some great suggestions for tricky carpet fixes: Instead of rubbing your carpet, blot the stain: it pulls out dirt instead of grinding it into the material. Use organic soaps, and give shaving cream a chance on stains. Finish it off with a vinegar spray! Also, try keeping pets out of carpeted areas immediately after a carpet cleaning, as this will let the clean carpet set.


Steam Cleaning

Deep cleaning your carpet is the best thing you can do for it. Like getting a haircut or having a teeth cleaning, freshening up your carpet will ultimately make it last longer and give it a better overall appearance. Steam cleaning shoots water down into the hard-to-reach parts of your carpet and collects dirt particles, then sucks them up with a high-powered vacuum. According to the IIRC, steam cleaning is a much more pet and family friendly method than regular cleaning because water is the main component instead of chemical-heavy soaps and cleansers. These chemicals can be bad for pets and kids to breathe in while playing on the floor.

If you are ready for a clean carpet and fresh appearance in your Exton, PA home, call ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration today!