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Hoarding Cleanup Can Have Many Hazards in Frazer, PA

Hoarding Cleanup

Buying or restoring a property that has been impacted by hoarding is a major commitment. In many cases, you may have to coordinate with the current or previous owner in order to safely navigate the space, and if that person is unavailable, accessing the property may be risky. Ensuring a safe and comprehensive hoarding cleanup experience can be streamlined and simplified by relying on expert teams that have the skills to guide property owners, family members, and remodeling managers through a complete and permanent restoration. For Frazer, PA, residents, ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration can be your go-to hoarding cleanup contact.

Physical Risks in Hoarding Cleanup

Underestimating the potential for physical risks in a hoarding environment can put individuals and cleaning teams in harm’s way. Large, precarious piles of items, cramped corridors, and “invisible” floors can all contribute to unexpected injury. This risk is particularly heightened if there is a strict deadline for your hoarding cleanup project and a short time period is pressuring the cleanup. In order to prevent wounds, scrapes, and more, our professionally trained cleanup teams come prepared for any level of clutter. Experience has taught our teams to dress for safety and bring tools that can help mitigate the difficult-to-traverse areas.

Biohazard Removal

Even if the hoarding home doesn’t appear dangerous on the surface, allowing our teams to take point on cleanup is still a safety-conscious decision. Severely cluttered homes that haven’t received regular cleaning may also be home to biohazards. Biohazard removal is a process that should never be done by nonprofessionals, as interacting with dangerous substances is risky. Our hoarding cleanup experts are trained in comprehensive biohazard removal and will implement this service as needed throughout our cleaning procedures.

Hoarding Cleanup Can Have an Emotional Impact

Our cleanup teams also understand that there can be significant emotional attachments in a hoarding space that impact how and whether the cleanup proceeds. There are undeniable psychological hazards associated with hoarding recovery, and our teams work hard to provide restoration services in a compassionate manner. Every family’s situation is unique, and we always bring that awareness with us to every job. Our goal is to transform a hoarding-impacted house back into a functional, safe, and livable home.

If you or a loved one’s home has been impacted by hoarding, ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration is here to help with the problem. Frazer, PA, residents looking for professional hoarding cleanup support, including biohazard removal, can reach out to us today to find out additional information. Call us now at (610) 524-8003 or visit our website to learn more.