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Reclaim Holidays with Hoarding Cleanup Help

When you think of Thanksgiving, what comes to mind? Do you picture a large, juicy turkey setting on your dining room table? A fun and exciting football game played on your front lawn? Mashed potatoes? Family and friends? No matter what you might think of when it comes to this festive holiday enjoyed for generations, you simply cannot have a family holiday in the home of an individual who hoards. If you know or love someone who struggles with clutter in his or her home, you can look into hoarding cleanup help in Exton, PA.

No matter how much you’d like to rent a dumpster and clear out a hoarder’s house in a weekend, it’s not a good idea to perform cleanup at the house of someone who hoards. Always seek and receive affirmative consent from the individual before changing his or her environment. Sometimes therapy and always support is needed.

Why Consider Hoarding Cleanup Help?

A clean home is a healthy home—both mentally and physically. Extreme hoarding behavior can create fire hazards in the hoarder’s house, and even some biohazards if pests are attracted or materials decompose. Extreme clutter also makes it more difficult for hoarding individuals to clean and take care of themselves.

In addition, hoarding often prevents individuals from inviting others to their home. Hoarding behavior often comes with a lot of shame and guilt, which can feed into dangerous isolation. If the individual agrees to a cleanup, he or she might be able to have a group over in their house for the first time in years.

Outside hoarding cleanup help from experts can expedite the cleaning process and allow you to spend more time and energy working with the individual who is hoarding, supporting him or her as the individual transitions to a healthy lifestyle. Count on our experts to do a thorough job and take care of the mess.

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