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How to Properly Determine the Level of Containment Needed and its Importance for Mold Removal in Lansdale, PA

In addition to causing damage to your property, mold can cause serious health problems. If you are facing a mold problem, it will be necessary for you to contact an agency that performs mold removal in Lansdale, PA so that the problem can be fixed. As per EPA, the complete eradication of mold spores cannot be accomplished. But it is certainly possible to contain them so that the mold does not resurface in any other section of the house after remediation work is complete.

Our aim here will be to go through the various containment procedures that are followed during the mold removal process to make sure that it does not spread.

 Why is Containment so Important?

During mold remediation, containment makes sure that mold spores are not released into nearby regions. The other benefit of containment is that it reduces both the inhabitants and the remediation professional’s exposure to the mold.

 Determining the Necessary Level of Containment

Generally, the degree of necessary containment is determined according to the size of the region affected by mold growth. It is quite possible that even a small area can have significant mold growth.

In such a situation, a small area can release a higher number of mold spores in comparison to a large region with a lighter mold problem. If this type of issue is faced, remediation specialists will use their professional judgment to determine the containment level that should be utilized. In the following sections, we will go through the different levels of containment that are used in the mold remediation process.

Levels of Containment

Normally, there are two levels of containment that are used during mold remediation:

  • Limited Containment
  • Full Containment

 Limited Containment

If it’s found that the region facing the mold problem is between ten and one hundred square feet in size, it requires limited containment. In such a situation, an enclosure is created using a six-millimeter polyethylene sheet, which encircles the affected area. Additionally, a slit entry with a covering flap is made for the mold containment zone.

Before work starts, the remediation company also seals off any doors, air vents, risers, and chases present within this region. Remediation professionals also create negative pressure inside the containment region. This is done to ensure that mold-contaminated air cannot seep into other zones that are unaffected by the mold problem.

Full Containment

Full containment is performed when the affected region is greater than one hundred square feet. In this situation, double-layered polyethylene is used to create a decontamination chamber. A waste container is kept inside this decontamination chamber. The chamber also has the space to allow the remediation personnel to wear protective equipment before starting work.

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