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A Look into 4 Common Questions Related to Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup in Lansdale, PA

Fire can cause a lot of damage to your property and belongings, and further damage is caused by smoke, soot, and the water used to extinguish the fire. It is necessary to hire a firm for fire and smoke damage cleanup in Lansdale, PA, so the amount of loss you have to bear can be reduced and things restored before they become permanently damaged.

In the following sections we will answer some of the common questions related to smoke and soot cleanup and the procedures used by restoration firms to clean walls, floors, furniture, and clothing.

Why is smoke and soot a major concern during fire damage cleanup?

Smoke forms during a fire due to incomplete combustion. It is comprised of tiny carbon particles which are recognized as soot (or smoke residue) when they deposit on any surface.

Smoke and soot cleanup becomes a challenge since different types of fires create different types of soot. Proper cleaning requires specialized skills to ensure the correct cleaning products are utilized to effectively remove and combat the various types of smoke residue.

Also to be considered are the items which burned and the chemical byproducts they produce during the combustion process. For instance, wool produces hydrogen cyanide as a byproduct when it burns, and wood produces benzene and manganese.

Why is there smoke odor even after cleanup?

The reason behind smoke odors are the smoke particles and their size. Normally, any smoke particle is about .004 micros, and each of these smoke particles result in an odor.

These small particles penetrate cabinets, walls, wall base, infiltrate behind wood trim, and permeate carpeting, upholstery, fabrics, etc.

Smoke odor can only be removed by professional cleaners by using specialized equipment, processes (such as thermal fogging), and cleaning agents.

How is soot removed from walls, floors, and furniture?

For walls, floors, and furniture, the restoration professionals use a cleaning solution comprised of four tablespoons of a cleaning product known as tri-sodium phosphate, one cup of chlorine bleach (or Lysol), and one gallon of water.

These surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned using the solution and allowed to dry.

What is the procedure for removing smoke odor and soot from clothing?

Cleaning professionals will be able to get rid of the soot and smoke odor from clothing (if it is possible to bleach such clothing) by using a solution of two tablespoons of sodium hypochlorite, one cup Lysol or chlorine bleach, and one gallon of water.

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