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Mold Growth in Norristown, PA during the Spring

Spring is an especially beautiful time of the year. It signals birth and growth as flowers bloom and trees begin to sprout leaves. Unfortunately, this means all types of organisms are growing, including mold. Mold growth and mold removal in Norristown, PA and the surrounding areas are common calls that we get in spring. This is due to many factors that create ideal growing conditions for mold.

Snow Melt
Unless you live quite a bit further north than us, most of the snow in your yard should be completely gone by now. Most of it has probably melted and been absorbed into the ground, raising the water table enough to where flooding becomes a very real threat. This is especially concerning with the addition of…

April Showers
It’s not just a saying! April showers bring May flowers, but they can also bring leaky roofs and flooded basements. Water can trickle in or come crashing through like a wave. Though major flooding is easily noticeable, it’s the small trickle that can cause huge hidden problems. Water under carpets, behind walls, or lurking in the dark corners of your basement can create the perfect environment for mold to grow and thrive.

Abundant Organic Material
With tons of new life springing up, there is also plenty of dead material for mold spores to feast on. Though this is beneficial outdoors, it can cause havoc indoors. Drywall, wooden beams, and other types of organic material that make up your building’s structure can provide mold the food source it needs to grow from a small fledgling colony to a full-blown nation.

Easy Access
Throughout the winter, your house stays closed up, allowing little of the elements from outdoors to enter. In the spring though, open windows and doors, as well as increased traffic in and out, allows plenty of opportunities for allergens, dirt, and mold spores to enter your home. Spring cleaning isn’t just an arbitrary holiday; it’s meant to provide households with a time to clean and combat the allergens that come along with spring.

When you need mold removal in Norristown, PA, it doesn’t need to be the end of the world. Call ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration for expert restoration and cleaning services in Exton, West Chester, Newtown Square, and Norristown, PA. From mold remediation to carpet cleaning and everything in between, we can help