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How to Keep Pet Smells Out of Your House and Why You Should Hire Odor Removal Help in West Chester, PA

Pet ownership – the phrase alone is enough to send some people into fits of happiness. The very idea of bringing a dog or cat into their home is wonderful to them. They can bond with their pets, help them stay happy and healthy, and teach their children about respecting the lives of animals. While pet ownership in West Chester, PA, can be rewarding, it can also be…smelly. Pets aren’t the best at staying clean or helping homeowners keep their homes clean, so what do you do about pet smells, and when is it time to hire an odor removal company?


Keep Your Pet Clean

This isn’t always easy to do, especially if your pet hates water. However, if you want to prevent your home from becoming overrun with smells, this is important. This doesn’t mean you should bathe your pet every single day, but if they get into something, like mud or a sticky food, don’t let them wander around the house and rub their bodies against everything.

Dogs can benefit from regular baths, usually not more than monthly, unless they roll in the mud or really dig into your trash! Cats typically don’t require regular baths as they like to take care of themselves. However, if they get extra messy, a gentle bath is the way to go. If you can’t get your pet to cooperate or you’re not sure what to do and need an expert to guide you, contact a groomer or your vet for help.


Clean That Litter Box

Another way to keep pet smells out of your home involves cleaning your cat’s litter box. Some people believe it’s enough to clean the box once or twice a week, but this should be done once a day. Regular cleaning is essential, and did you know that two litter boxes are recommended for a single cat?

When the smells get to be too much and you can’t handle it, a professional odor removal company is your best bet. Experienced technicians equipped with advanced cleaning solutions and proven techniques will remove odors in ways far superior compared to a rented machine.


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