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Problem of Sewage Spills or Backups and Procedure for Proper Sewage Cleanup in West Chester, PA

Sewage spills or backups can result in property damage and cause serious health issues. It is important to contact a service provider immediately that performs sewage cleanup in West Chester, PA to fix the problem. Since risk of disease is quite high when a sewage backup occurs in your home, it is necessary to perform the cleanup task properly. In the following sections we will go through the procedures for sewage cleanup as described by the CDPHE.

Discarding Items Which Cannot be Salvaged

Things which came in contact with waste water and cannot be properly cleaned and disinfected are disposed of. Items which absorb contamination and cannot be thoroughly disinfected are discarded. Some examples of such items include pillows, upholstered furniture, mattresses, paper products, and foam rubber items. In addition, it would be necessary to discard rugs having foam backing.

Discard Porous Materials to Prevent Spread of Microorganisms

Sewage overflow will make it necessary to remove and replace damaged wall insulation and wallboard. Such removal becomes a necessity since wallboard works like a sponge and draws up moisture, becoming saturated and irreparable.

Microorganisms easily penetrate porous materials such as drywall, and even after the place dries out, these can get released into the surrounding air and cause allergic reactions.

In case there are paneled walls, cleanup professionals will remove the panel’s bottom part so the space between wall studs can properly drain as well as dry out.

It may be necessary to remove paneling to get rid of wet insulation. After the area is dried out and disinfected, paneling can be fixed back into its place.

Cleaning Procedure – Washing | Drying | Disinfecting | Sanitizing

Cleaning the affected area involves thorough washing as well as disinfecting using different cleaning products, disinfectants, and sanitizers.

Precautions While Mixing Disinfectants and Cleaners: It is necessary to be extremely cautious when mixing disinfectants and cleaners together. Mixing certain chemicals can produce very harmful vapors. For example, ammonia and bleach, when mixed together, form ammonium chloride and chloramine which are very toxic and harmful.

Use of Bleach Solution: For cleaning tasks a bleach solution can be used, and the solution should remain in contact with things being cleaned for about a minute. After that the things should be cleaned again using water and a mild soap.

If your home has been affected by a sewage problem and you are looking for a firm to perform sewage cleanup in West Chester, PA, contact ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration immediately. We have the required expertise and equipment to perform such cleanup tasks with relative ease.

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