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What to Do When Fido Pees On Your Carpeting and Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Done in Newtown Square, PA

Millions of people across American have at least one pet in their house. Your pet is a member of your family. It provides love and laughter. It teaches your kids how to be kind, careful, and responsible. Unfortunately, owning a pet also means you could step into a pee stain on your carpeting. What can you do to remove the stain, and how do you prevent it from happening in the future? There’s no need to get discouraged or lose hope in your Newtown Square, PA, home. The carpet cleaning tips below should help.

Determine Why It Happened

Why did Fido choose to leave a mark on your living room carpeting? It could be because you didn’t let him out at the usual time. It might be because he’s sick and needs to go to the vet. Go through the possibilities carefully because if you’re reckless, you’ll never get to the bottom of things. Once you have it narrowed down, chances are you’ll be able to nip the pee stain problem in the bud.

Don’t Panic

If you catch Fido in the act, don’t scream at him. Don’t hit him with anything—this is abuse. If you make a fuss about his act, he’ll only get sneakier about peeing on the carpeting. You may not find a stain for weeks or months, but you’ll likely smell it! You may even have to look into oriental rug cleaning. Instead, talk to him in a calm voice and get him outside as quickly as possible.

Of course, you have to be smart about cleaning up any pee stains. This is where a carpet cleaning company comes in. A professional can tackle nasty spots and get rid of the odor Fido left behind.

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