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Roof Remedies: Preventing Snow and Water Damage

ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration Water Damage Restoration in Exton, PA

As residents of southeast Pennsylvania, we are no stranger to snow. While a snow-capped roof can create a picturesque winter scene, danger lurks underneath those cold layers. If the snowy threat of water damage becomes a reality, call the experts at ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration for all your water damage repair needs in the Exton, Lansdale, Norristown, and West Chester, PA areas.

Most likely, there is a layer of ice somewhere in that mass of white snow sitting on your roof. You could let nature take its course and wait until all of the snow and ice melts off your roof on its own, but unexpected problems, like water damage, can destroy insulation, hasten roof rot, and cause extensive structural and interior water damage. A weakened structure created by water damage may eventually cause your roof to collapse and create a huge water damage restoration project. If water damage has made a presence in your home, call in the expert technicians of ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration. With our experience and industrial strength equipment, we can safely and effectively remove the water from your home. We also offer specialty water restoration services, such as art, document, and electronic restoration, to help you save the more precious and irreplaceable items in your home.

Surely you’ve witnessed residents on their rooftops with shovels throwing snow onto the ground below. This is a low-cost option to prevent the buildup of snow and ice, but it must be performed with caution and common sense in mind. When it comes to climbing a ladder and shoveling snow from your roof, there are a few factors to consider before setting foot on your roof. Take into account the slope (pitch) of your roof. A steeply sloped roof should be approached with extra caution, or only with a roof rake. The type of roofing will also affect your decision of whether or not to shovel the roof; snow and ice will slide down a metal roof much easier, but then again, so will you. Please, regardless of what method you use, use extreme caution when removing snow from your roof.

Below are a few tips for safely shoveling your roof:

• For optimum safety, use safety lines to ease potential falls

• Always shovel downward to prevent damage to shingles and roofing

• Be aware of vents and other openings in your roof

• Stay clear of icy patches and ice dams near the edge of the roof

• Be conscious of what falling snow will land on (such as people, pets, and landscaping)

• NEVER shovel your roof by yourself; always have a spotter

Even the most cautious and well-cared for roofs can be susceptible to winter storm damage, causing water damage inside your home. When that occurs, give ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration a call. Our emergency response team will take your call 24/7, 365 to help you with all your disaster restoration needs.