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Types of Wastewater Requiring Professional Sewage Cleanup in Frazer, PA

sewage cleanup Frazer, PA

Whether you’ve experienced plumbing issues isolated to your own home, such as a failed sump pump or cracked pipes, or a community-wide problem like flooding, exposure to sewage can cause significant levels of damage and create toxic environments. In the majority of instances, water damage with even the smallest traces of sewage requires rigorous cleanup processes with thorough removal tactics and strong sanitation solutions. Not only does sewage exposure in your home or business lead to noxious odors, stains, and the soiling of permeable materials; it also poses a risk of thriving bacteria, viruses, parasites, mold, and other pathogens. Sewage in almost all forms is an unhygienic waste material that the EPA, USDA, FEMA, and many other government organizations and independent protection agencies categorize as a biohazard. If your building has sewage exposure in any capacity, cleanup and removal of waste is a dangerous job that only trained professionals with the right protective gear, equipment, and cleaning solutions should perform. ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration provides comprehensive water damage mitigation and full sewage cleanup in Frazer, PA and the surrounding areas.

Sewage Cleanup

Any residential, commercial, municipal, or industrial space requiring sewage cleanup should be designated as an unsafe zone until our technicians can quickly and completely remove any risks the following different types of wastewater can pose.

Untreated Sewage

  • Greywater: One of the least dangerous types of sewage, greywater includes domestic wastewater without fecal contamination. Some examples of greywater include kitchen sink water, showers, laundry water, dishwasher, and baths. However, greywater can still contain trace amounts of fecal material and other common mold and bacteria.
  • Blackwater: Any sewage containing fecal matter or urine is blackwater. This includes wastewater in home septic systems, toilets, city sewage systems, treatment plants, and almost all floodwaters. Blackwater can contain biohazards from human or animal waste.
  • Industrial and agricultural wastewater: Sewage and wastewater from industrial facilities or farm runoff can contain a wide range of pollutants, such as pharmaceuticals, biocides, radiation, hormones, heavy metals, and other chemical content with high acid or alkaline pH levels.
  • Solid waste: In many types of sewage, there is also often solid waste. In human waste, solids like toilet paper, menstrual products, baby wipes, and even food can become breeding grounds for bacteria and other germs.

Treated Sewage

Treated sewage is less hazardous than untreated waste, as it has often passed through sanitation processes. If your home or business is exposed, however, it can still cause severe damage. The most common cause of building exposure to treated sewage occurs with storms and flooding.

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