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Health Effects of Sewage Exposure and Why You Need Professional Sewage Cleanup in West Chester, PA

From a flooded basement to a broken sump pump, there are many reasons why your building may experience sewage exposure. When Hurricane Ida caused massive flooding in the Philadelphia area and beyond, many homes and businesses were exposed to raw sewage moving throughout the flood waters. No matter what the cause of sewage in your building, exposure to sewage is worrisome. It can have significant impacts on your health, including greater risk of waterborne illness; bacteria, viruses, and parasites carried in human and animal waste; and the general presence of many other biohazards. If your building has been exposed to sewage in any capacity, you need us. ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration provides comprehensive sewage cleanup in West Chester, PA and the surrounding communities. Our team of skilled technicians has the training and equipment necessary to safely and quickly remove sewage, treat damage, and return your home or business to pre-loss conditions.

Professional Sewage Cleanup

Attempting sewage cleanup alone is often dangerous. There are many toxic substances present in raw sewage, from excrement to industrial waste. Exposure to these materials can impact your health both in the short and long term. Some of the most dangerous substances in sewage include:

  • Cholera: The Vibrio cholerae bacteria is responsible for some of the worst epidemics in history. Cholera is a diarrheal disease caused by infection in the intestine. Cholera cases can lead to severe dehydration and death.
  • Salmonella: Another dangerous bacteria, the Salmonella bacteria, causes about 1.35 million infections in the U.S. every year. Salmonella infection symptoms include diarrhea, stomach pains, fever, and dehydration.
  • Typhoid: Ever heard of Typhoid Mary? Typhoid fever is caused by Salmonella Typhi bacteria passed in fecal matter from hand to mouth. Sewage exposure often includes hand-to-mouth infections, such as typhoid fever. Symptoms include dangerously high fevers, weakness, stomach pain, headaches, diarrhea, cough, and rashes.
  • coli: Another wastewater-borne bacteria is E. coli. Many kinds of E. coli infections can cause severe diarrhea, while other strains can cause respiratory illness and pneumonia.
  • Shigella: The Shigella bacteria causes an illness called shigellosis. This bacterial infection causes diarrhea, fever, stomach cramping, and bloody stool. Infections can last up to a week, and those with weakened immune systems can be at risk of severe infection.

There are many other dangerous substances spread through sewage exposure. Parasites like Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia can cause serious symptoms; fungal presences like Aspergillus and Stachybotrys chartarum (black mold) are also potential biohazards; and viruses like Hepatitis A are additional dangers.

Because of these biohazards and more, sewage should always be cleaned by professionals. To learn more about sewage cleanup in West Chester, PA, contact ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration today at (610) 524-8003 to reach our main office in Exton, PA.