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Signs of a Hoarding Problem and Why You Should Hire a Hoarding Cleanup Crew in Exton, PA

With the arrival of reality television, many people have been exposed to the world of hoarding. They sit, fascinated and confused, at the screen, wondering if they know somebody with a secret hoarding problem. They wonder if there is something they’re not seeing in their family or circle of friends. They ponder looking up the phone number of a local hoarding cleanup crew. What they might not realize is that it could be them with the hoarding problem. It’s not just a stack of newspapers on the coffee table or a can of expired refried beans in the cupboard. It’s much more than that. If you live in Exton, PA, and need to know if you’re a hoarder, we hope the information below will help.

Outsiders Not Allowed in Home

Many hoarders don’t allow friends, family, or members of the community into their home. They might be ashamed of what they have inside, and they don’t want people to come inside and judge them. They feel like they will have to put a lot of energy into socializing and avoiding discussing the clutter. They worry somebody might bring up biohazard cleanup companies or suggest finding a hoarding cleanup crew. If you or someone you love avoids letting anybody who isn’t a member of your household onto your property, you might have a hoarding problem.

Distress About Parting With Items

Do your possessions feel like a burden? Are you running out of places to display your collectibles? Does the idea of going through all your things and trying to organize them send you into a fit? Does the idea of throwing anything away—even expired food or broken furniture—make you want to cry? Do you feel that your items are part of who you are? You might have a hoarding problem, and calling a hoarding cleanup crew can help you move forward.

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