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The Important Stages of a Carpet Cleaning Program and 4 Common Spot Prone Areas in any Building in Exton, PA

Carpets can easily become soiled and stained, and it’s necessary to have a maintenance program in place to clean them on a regular basis. Such maintenance should ideally be done by a professional carpet cleaning company in Exton, PA to ensure that the carpets are properly cleaned and do not get damaged in the process.

We will first look at some of the common areas that are susceptible to stains and follow up with suggestions on which carpet maintenance program you should adopt.

Carpets and The 4 Most Common Spot Prone Areas

According to CMM Online, the degree of cleaning required largely depends upon where carpet is located. However, here some of the most common spot prone areas in a building, that may deserve the more attention in the cleaning process:

  1. Foyers/Entryways: The problem here is not limited to dry soil, which can be removed quite easily with vacuuming. The main concern relates to soils like mud, grease, oil, and plant materials that are carried in by people onto your carpets.

To make things even more difficult, these types of soil get ground into your carpets due to foot traffic, which makes it even harder to clean the carpets.

  1. Hallways: Carpeted hallways that lead to kitchens and other food service areas are generally prone to getting spots from beverages, such as coffee and juices, and from other food items and condiments.
  2. Transition Areas: A transition area is where any hard surface floor changes over to a carpeted area. Some of the problems faced in such transition areas include wet and dry soil and floor cleaning chemical residues, since these will end up on the nearby carpet.
  3. Water Coolers and Copiers: These are places where people often gather to talk while having a cup of coffee, and more often than not, some coffee is invariably spilled on your carpets.

In front of the copier, toner can also be spilled on your carpet.

Carpet Maintenance Program

Now that we’re aware of the areas that are more prone to getting spots, let us now look at the maintenance program that should be followed for cleaning your carpets, as described by Cleaning & Maintenance Management Magazine.

  • Preventive Maintenance: This consists of preventing soils from entering your building in the first place.
  • Daily Maintenance: This involves immediately removing soils in order to reduce damage to carpets.
  • Interim Maintenance: This involves cleaning carpets by using low chemical and low moisture techniques, which help with faster drying. For this type of maintenance, you should get in touch with a professional carpet cleaning company.
  • Restorative Maintenance: This consists of deep cleaning for the removal of deeply embedded dirt and soil. This type of maintenance should always be performed by experienced carpet cleaners.

If you’re interested in having your carpets cleaned, you should get in touch with us at ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration. We have the required expertise in carpet cleaning and the necessary equipment and experience to complete any type of cleaning task in Exton, PA.

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