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These 3 Common Drain Problems Can Cause Water Damage

Have you had a drain in your home that seemed to hold water and not empty as quickly as it should have? If so, the odds are that you dumped some drain cleaner down there, waited awhile, and your problem was solved. But did that actually solve the root cause for the drain problem, or did it just remove a clog? Odds are that you won’t actually prevent this from happening again because you just resolved the immediate problem. If there is still some build up, you could be looking at future water damage repair and possibly even a call to ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration in Newtown Square, PA.

How do you avoid water damage repair and properly resolve drain problems? It’s quite simple actually. Here are some common drain problems and how they can be resolved:

Shower does not drain. This is the result of hair and soap scum accumulating in the drain. A simple fix is to install a strainer over the drain. This will prevent hair from entering the drain system.

Sink drains very slow. Depending on the location, this can be from grease build up or hair products and soap. Dump boiling water down every drain in your house on a monthly basis. This can be easily done with a tea kettle. Make sure to enjoy a cup of tea afterwards as a reward for maintaining your homes’ drain system.

Kitchen Sink will not drain. This is likely related to a plugged garbage disposal or grease accumulated in the drain. Be sure to flush your garbage disposal with lots of cold water during and after every use to ensure food travels through the disposal and pipes.

These are just three basic clogs that most households will deal with over time. While chemicals do help remove clogs, you still may need to take other precautions to prevent future problems. The next time you have a clogged drain, think about the root cause instead of just dumping in chemicals. If a clog becomes a messy overflow and creates the need for water damage repair, give ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration an immediate call.