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What is Traffic Lane Soiling Problem and How to Fix it as Part of Carpet Cleaning in Downingtown, PA?

Carpets have a valuable role to play in maintaining aesthetics of your home or business. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and maintain them on regular basis. Professional carpet cleaning in Downingtown, PA, can ensure that your carpets remain clean.

In this context, we will look at traffic lane soiling and how to fix this common problem.

What is traffic lane soiling?

Carpets in high traffic areas can experience extreme wear and tear and are more likely to harbor elements such as dirt and debris, tracked in from outside. If not taken care of, these areas evolve into traffic lanes.

The solution to this problem of traffic lane soiling is regular carpet cleaning and taking preventive steps. In the following sections, let’s go through the preventive and care methods professionals follow to keep your carpets in good condition.

Methods to Fix and Prevent Traffic Lane Soiling

Step #1: Preventing Soiling

The most common method for preventing soiling involves using a matting system, or placing mats outside of a building in order to remove debris from visitors’ shoes before entering the building. Additionally, better effectiveness can be achieved if the matting system comprises of the following three parts.

Scraper Mat: The scraper mat should be kept outside your facility. Generally, these mats are made using polypropylene fiber and are designed in such a way to aggressively get rid of large particles of soil which are primarily responsible for damaging the carpets.

Wiper/Scraper Mat: This type of mat is placed inside the building (preferable in vestibule area) and is made up of somewhat less aggressive material. These are designed to remove soil as well as trap moisture when visitors twist their feet while entering the building.

Wiper Mat: This matting component does not have as rough of a texture as of the other two. The purpose of this type of mat is to block remaining moisture and contaminants from getting into the building.

Step #2: Deep Cleaning

A matting system will block major part of soil from getting into the building, but some amount of dirt and debris will still reach inside and be deposited into your carpets.

Periodic deep cleaning (using hot water extraction method) should be the next step with more focus given on traffic lanes. In addition to deep cleaning, a pre-spray can be used for areas with heavy soiling to achieve better results.

Step #3: Repeat Cleaning

After your carpet has been deep cleaned, you will have to repeat the procedure. The frequency of carpet cleaning depends on:

Degree of foot traffic and any changes in foot traffic patterns

Matting system’s length

Inclement weather necessitating frequent cleaning

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