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Trauma Cleanup of Drug and Chemical Labs in Coatesville, PA

Trauma cleanup Meth Lab

Cleaning up after difficult or belligerent tenants can be a major project as a Coatesville, PA, property manager, not even considering the extreme cases. Repairs and disinfecting often follow an unhappy departure, and in many cases, it can take a lot of hands-on effort to prepare a location for new, prospective occupants. This situation can be made even worse with the introduction of severe variables such as the discovery of a meth lab or similar drug-related ventures. At ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration, we can help property managers navigate the complex recovery needs of a drug-impacted space or trauma cleanup. Our teams are experts in safe biohazard removal procedures and all the steps that need to be taken in order to make your property habitable once more.

Trauma Cleanup for Drug and Chemical Labs

Drug and chemical labs pose a unique challenge in the world of professional cleaning. Unlike other more familiar scenarios, specialized equipment, protective gear, and cleaning tools are necessary in order to safely navigate the remains of a drug lab. The chemicals in question may be volatile when mixed with other cleaning solutions, and in some cases, fentanyl or other deadly materials could be present. Preventing harm in these cases usually means restricting contact with the area completely aside from trauma cleanup experts and law enforcement.

Reporting after Trauma Cleanup

The first step following a drug lab discovery should be reporting it to the local authorities. After an investigation has been completed, the cleanup, repairs, and removal of non-evidence materials are generally left to the property owner. This is where a professional trauma cleanup team comes in. Biohazard removal can be so dangerous that even breathing the air of an impacted space could be hazardous to someone’s health. Leaving every step of the cleaning process to our experts can reduce any risks to you and your staff.


If you’ve discovered a drug lab on your property, biohazard removal is likely necessary. Reach out to the trauma cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration by calling (610) 524-8003. Coatesville, PA, property owners can also visit our website to find out more information. Biohazard removal is a delicate procedure, but with the right team on your side, you can get your property back to a habitable condition with no trace of the previous damage left.