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Turn the Air On, Stop the Water from Flowing Out! Water Damage in Exton, PA

ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration provides water damage restoration in Exton, PA and surrounding areas!

Summer is here! Throughout Philadelphia people are as excited as ever for what the most exciting season of the year will bring. Many have planned family vacations, some have put up their backyard pools, others are enjoying a nice glass of lemonade soaking in the sun. No matter what you choose, there’s one action that almost everyone across the state will be doing – flipping the air conditioner switch from “Off” to “On.” Simple enough, right? Well, not always. Air conditioners can leak water which may cause a difficult situation of water damage that will need proper restoration. ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration provides water damage cleanup in Exton, PA if you find yourself in need of water restoration this summer.

Summers bring not only heat, but humidity. Ever wonder why your home is no longer humid when your AC is turned on? Air conditioning units utilize a system of coils through which the cooled refrigerant is pumped. A fan assembly blows air across these coils which in turn cools the air. If the warm air is full of humidity, much of the moisture in that air sticks to the coils, much like the condensation you see on the glass of an icy beverage on a hot day. AC units are built with drains and systems to remove and direct this excess moisture away from the coils.

If a drain becomes plugged the water will seek another route and possibly cause interior water damage. Also, the lines which transport the cooled refrigerant, if not properly insulated, can have condensation form on them and water to drip where ever they run from the outside unit to inside furnace. Window AC units use the same type of system but on a much smaller basis. Generally they are manufactured to allow the coil condensation to run-off and harmlessly drip outside of the window. If the unit is installed improperly, the water can run back into the home or business, into the window assembly, and then down onto or into the interior wall. If not caught in time or if the water leaks extensively, you may experience resulting water damage.

In the event that your air conditioning unit fails to operate properly, aside from calling an AC repairman, you will need to call in professionals to provide water removal or water damage cleanup. ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration provides a variety of water restoration services to keep your home clean, safe, and without risk of mold growth from water damage.

As you turn on your AC unit this summer, be sure to monitor how well it is working and check the unit regularly. If you notice a leak, call in the professionals at ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration for water damage cleanup in Exton, PA and surrounding areas. Enjoy your summer and, if needed, call upon the name you can trust!