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3 Tips for Unclogging a Toilet and Avoid the Need for Professional Sewage Cleanup in Coatesville, PA

Most people don’t think about the plumbing in their home. It’s simply there, hiding in the shadows, and works just fine day after day. That is, until something goes wrong. Maybe the garbage disposal breaks, or the basement floods after a burst pipe. Another potential issue is a clogged toilet. This can lead to the need for professional sewage cleanup, something no homeowner wants to deal with on their own. When your toilet clogs, you don’t need to panic. If you follow our tips below, you can potentially fix the problem and avoid calling a plumber.

toilet with open lid in bathroom


  1. Don’t Make a Bad Situation Worse

When a toilet becomes clogged, don’t try to fix the problem by flushing multiple times. Also, don’t stuff foreign objects into the toilet in an attempt to dislodge whatever may be stuck. You will push and pack the clog further down into the plumbing and create a bigger problem that requires a plumber and may cause the need for professional sewage cleanup.

  1. Use Hot Water and Dish Soap

Sometimes using hot water and dish soap can fix the problem. Two warnings – never use boiling water, and don’t try this if the toilet bowl is completely full and water can’t drain. This method may help just enough to lubricate and loosen the clog and allow it move along. If the clog doesn’t clear, a different method to unclog the toilet is required.

  1. Use a Plunger

The tried-and-true plunger is one tool that can help you avoid the need for water damage restoration. If you’re in doubt on how to use a plunger correctly, the internet is overflowing with websites offering info on the types of plungers available and how to use them for the different types of drains in your home.

If you have a toilet that overflowed and created a nasty mess, contact ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration of Coatesville, PA to use our services. To find out more about sewage cleanup or to make an appointment, contact us here or at (610) 431-3553.