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Tips on How to Avoid Carpet Mold from the Water Damage Cleanup Experts in Exton, PA

Carpeting is a beautiful and comfortable element in your Exton, PA, home. You work hard to maintain it and keep it looking great, but despite these efforts, your carpets could be harboring mold. This is especially true if your carpets have experienced any level of water damage. The water damage restoration experts want to help you prevent mold from growing in your carpeting. Check out our helpful tips below!

 Watch for High-Moisture Areas & Humidity

It’s easy to tell when your carpets have been exposed to severe water damage, whether it be from a flood, burst pipe, or large spill. However, most instances of mold come from carpets being exposed to prolonged moisture. For example, any carpeting in or around kitchens or bathrooms have a higher chance of being exposed to moisture. It can come from steam escaping from the bathroom, stepping onto the carpet after a shower, or a leaking appliance. Over time, mold can begin growing in your carpets. It’s important to keep carpets away from these areas and ensure any moisture dries thoroughly. Also, ensure humidity is kept low throughout your home as high humidity can facilitate mold growth, even in low-moisture areas.

 Choose the Right Carpets

The type of carpets you install can also affect the chances of mold growth. Mold tends to be darker in color, which makes it easy for it to hide in darker carpets. Installing a lighter shade of carpet will help you better detect water damage and mold in the carpet. Early detection means it’s easier to treat the issue and limit the overall damage. Also, installing high-quality carpeting with anti-microbial properties will help fight against mold growth.

 Treat Water Damage Quickly

If water damage is not treated quickly and properly, there’s a high chance that mold will begin growing. The water damage cleanup experts at ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration are available 24/7/365 to provide water damage cleanup, mold mitigation, and carpet cleaning for residents in Exton, PA. For immediate assistance, contact us at (610) 524-8003 or visit us here.