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Signs a Senior May Need Hoarding Cleanup for Their West Chester, PA Home

Hoarding is a problem people of all ages deal with. It doesn’t matter where they live or how they were raised—it can happen to anyone. Sometimes it’s hard to know if a person has a hoarding problem. Is it a bad case of clutter or something more serious? How do you know if the problem needs to be addressed before it gets worse? How do you know if you need to call a hoarding cleanup company? Though hoarding affects people everywhere, including those in West Chester, PA, it’s especially prevalent among the elderly. If you have a senior in your life and you’re worried he or she may have a hoarding problem, we hope the information below will help.

They Can’t Throw Anything Away, Even Trash

Maybe they cry if they have to go through a box of old, expired food and throw things away. Perhaps they feel overwhelmed by the idea of cleaning a room (or even a small section of a room) because they worry they would be tossing something valuable. This is a huge red flag when it comes to hoarding. Some hoarders keep 20-year-old receipts or piles of broken appliances for seemingly no reason. No matter how little value they hold, the senior may not be able to part with them. Even if their home has items covered in black mold or animal feces and they need professional biohazard cleanup help, they won’t budge.

Their Home Is Infested With Pests

If their home is covered in colonies of cockroaches, rats, or mice, this needs to be addressed immediately. These pests pose a great threat to their health and well-being, and you need a hoarding cleanup company to come in as soon as possible. There is no getting around it!

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