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The Most Effective Modern Carpet Cleaning in Frazer, PA

Carpets are a feature that can make an indoor space more beautiful and more comfortable, and they also serve a practical purpose. Carpet fibers of all kinds act as passive filters that catch larger particles of dust, dirt, dander, and other debris. This capturing of dirt that would otherwise float freely around your indoor space is beneficial to your home or business, but it does wear and tear on your carpets over time. To prevent potential carpet damage from dirt ground into the fibers, regular carpet cleaning is required. While a weekly vacuum is highly beneficial for removing the majority of superficial dirt, your carpets deserve a deep cleaning done by a professional company to fully restore them to like-new conditions. Routine deep cleaning extends the longevity of your carpets and removes particles that can lower your indoor air quality. ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration provides comprehensive carpet cleaning in Frazer, PA, and the surrounding area for homes and businesses.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Our team utilizes hot water extraction as our primary method of rejuvenating and cleansing your carpets. Hot water extraction is generally recognized as the most effective carpet treatment for removing all types of dirt and gently handling fibers.

Hot Water Extraction for Carpet Cleaning

While hot water extraction is now considered the best method, several other carpet cleaning techniques have been utilized in the past to varying degrees of success.

Wet Shampoo:

Wet shampooing with coconut oil-based soaps was most popular in the 1970s. Shampoo cleaning uses a rotary machine to scrub and steam soap into carpet fibers. However, since no rinse is performed the remaining soaps can collect debris more quickly, making carpets dirtier faster.

Dry cleaning:

Dry cleaning methods use special machines that spread a low moisture treatment compound into carpets. These dry compounds can be paired with pre-treatments like spot removers and conditioners to treat highly soiled carpets. While dry cleaning is less labor-intensive and quicker than hot water extraction, it tends to leave behind trace amounts of debris, while extraction removes all dirt, including ground-in oils and stains.


In the 1990s, cleaning solutions that could encapsulate dirt became popular. These encapsulating detergents are applied to a carpet and left to set for about 30 minutes. The polymers in the detergent suspend particles so they can be easily rinsed or vacuumed out of carpet fibers. This process is effective but time-consuming. The combination of extra cleaning time and expensive encapsulating detergents often makes this method more costly.

Overall, hot water extraction has proven to be the best cleaning method for all carpet types and the most effective in terms of time and cost. To learn more about our carpet cleaning in Frazer, PA, contact ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration at (610) 524-8003 to reach our main office in Exton, PA.