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Qualifications and Requirements for Professional Trauma Cleanup in Malvern, PA

A common misbelief about crime scenes is that the police or other authorities will provide cleanup services once all the evidence is gathered. In reality, the owner of the property is responsible for the cleanup after the police are finished processing the scene. Crime scene cleanup involves the removal and safe disposal of hazardous materials, including biohazards. Because these materials are harmful to human health, they need to be removed following strict guidelines to prevent the spread of pathogens like hepatitis B and C and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). While there is no formal education required to perform crime scene cleanup and biohazard removal, it’s always a good idea to seek the help of trained professionals if you are facing the cleanup of any trauma site, ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration provides comprehensive trauma cleanup in Malvern, PA, and the surrounding area to restore your property.

Trauma Cleanup

Our team of expert technicians has the training, tools, equipment, and solutions to perform trauma cleanup safely and effectively, including following Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards for bloodborne pathogen handling.

Trained Professionals in Trauma Cleanup

While no technical certifications or degrees are required to perform crime scene cleanup, our staff is trained through a variety of courses to ensure all have the best knowledge for the hazards they may face. We train and educate our professionals to protect themselves, our customers, and the space affected by a violent crime or other trauma. Their training includes that involving:

Bloodborne pathogens:

The biggest danger of crime scene cleanup is the handling of bloodborne pathogens. Our team is trained to recognize the presence of biohazards and the pathogens they carry, and to effectively remove these materials, dispose of that waste correctly, and sanitize the affected spaces.

Medical waste:

When trauma response teams depart from a scene, they may also leave behind medical waste. Needles, gauze, and other triage equipment must be properly handled and transported from a crime scene.

Personal protective equipment (PPE):

Our team members utilizes a rigorous outfit of PPE, and receive thorough training to confirm they can correctly use respirators, masks, gloves, hazmat suits, and other equipment.

Respiratory protection:

In addition to general PPE training, our team is also educated on respiratory protection and what dangers there are at crime scenes that can become inhalable, airborne particulates.

Communication about Trauma Cleanup:

Working with dangerous materials requires continued, clear communication among technicians. They are trained on communication procedures for team members as well as how to handle communication with customers.

Heat illness:

In many situations, our team is working with full hazmat PPE in warm conditions. This can lead to overheating and other heat-related issues. To protect themselves against heat illnesses, technicians are educated on warning signs and prevention of heat illnesses.

For the best trauma cleanup in Malvern, PA, and local communities, you can count on our team of expert technicians. To learn more, contact ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration at (610) 524-8003 to reach our main office in Exton, PA.