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What to Do Before Installing Carpeting and Performing a Carpet Cleaning in Malvern, PA

carpet cleaning

Your carpeting is one of the most important features of your home as it adds character and personality to a room, provides a comfortable place to sit and play, and even absorbs sound. Maybe you’ve recently moved into a house that never had carpeting or perhaps you’d like to replace your old carpeting. So how do you get ready for the carpet installation process? What should you keep in mind before you call a company that can help you with carpet cleaning?

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Remove the Old Carpet and Padding

 While many people prefer to have the carpet installer remove the carpet, this can be costly. When you’re on a tight budget, this can make all the difference. Removing the carpeting and padding yourself also gives you time to tackle any problems you find before the installer comes. Maybe a pet urinated on the carpeting and the stain went down to the padding. Maybe you have water damage and need to look into water damage removal. Perhaps there is a weak part of the flooring that squeaks—now is the perfect time to fix it. If you’re uncomfortable with this process and don’t want to make a costly mistake, it’s okay to seek outside help.

Remove Any and All Furniture

 The carpeting can’t be put down unless any and all furniture is removed. If you can, try to remove the furniture yourself. However, do not try to remove heavier items that could put your health at risk; leave these for the carpet installers to move for you.

Once your new carpeting is installed, be sure to hire a carpet cleaning company for good measure.

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