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Carpet Cleaning Tips for Carpets Made From Sustainable Plant-Based and Natural Fibers in Exton, PA

Nowadays, people are opting for more sustainable options for all the things they use. This trend is even moving into the use of carpet! Accordingly, carpets made using natural resources like plant fibers, wool, and similar other materials are becoming more popular. The carpet cleaning methods utilized to clean these types of materials in Exton, PA tend to vary, since plant-based and natural fibers generally react differently to chemicals and water.

Thus it’s necessary to seek the help of professional carpet cleaners who have the knowledge to decide which treatments are to be used and which should be avoided.

Maintenance of Carpets Made From Sustainable Fibers

Maintenance Tips for Natural Fiber Carpets

Wool is known to be resilient and durable, which is why it’s a popular choice for people looking for natural fiber carpets. Some of the good things about wool are that it can trap allergens such as dust, it can assist in improving air quality in the house, it ages gracefully, and it cleans well.

Cleaning Methods – Wet Cleaning, Vacuuming, & Agitation

Carpet cleaners pay special attention to cleaning these types of carpets. Often, wet cleaning methods are utilized for this purpose in addition to agitation and vacuuming.

However, hot water extraction techniques can result in a wet dog smell, so carpet cleaners generally use cooler temperatures in order to minimize this odor.

With the above in mind, you should hire only experienced and professional carpet cleaners who can use the correct cleaning techniques and prevent the fibers of your carpet from getting over-saturated or damaged during the cleaning process.

Maintenance Tips for Plant Fiber Carpets

The use of carpets made from plant fibers like jute, sisal, and sea grass is also becoming common. According to CMM Online, while cleaning carpets made of sea grass and sisal it is necessary to use the least amount of water, since the fabric can shrink due to the inherent properties of these fibers.

Similarly, professional carpet cleaners try to avoid the use of oxidizing agents since they do not properly mix with these fibers. The constant use of strong oxidizers can also make these fibers brittle and hard.

Cleaning Methods – Cleaning Agents and Alkaline Chemicals

For stains resulting from soda or coffee spills and other water-soluble spots, carpet cleaners will make use of mild cleaning agent.

They will also take the necessary steps to properly rinse out alkaline spot treatment chemicals from your carpets. If these chemicals are allowed to remain in your carpet, they will react with sunlight and cause some portions of your carpet to bleach out.

If you have carpets made from sustainable fibers and are looking for a carpet cleaning firm with experience with such carpets, you need to get in touch with us.

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