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A Look Into Containment and Mold Removal Methods Based on Level of Mold Affected Area and Mold Remediation Equipment Used by Remediators in Exton, PA

Mold can result in serious health problems and destroy the things it grows on. If you think that mold could be growing in your house, you should contact a mold removal company in Exton, PA to analyze the situation and start remediation work on an urgent basis.

Let us look at the different levels that mold affected areas are divided into and also check the equipment that remediators use.

Levels of Mold Affected Area

The amount of effort required for mold remediation is based upon the area that has been affected. Following are the four levels into which mold affected areas are commonly divided, and which decide the containment method used by professionals.

Level 1 – Area of 10 sq. ft.

With level 1, work area containment is not necessary and dust suppression techniques are considered sufficient. Things that cannot be cleaned are disposed of and the work area is properly cleaned using detergent solution and a damp cloth.

Level 2 – Area between 10 and 30 sq. ft.

Apart from the measures used for a level 1 area, mold remediators also evacuate a level 2 work area. Uncontaminated surfaces are properly covered using plastic sheets.

In addition to cleaning using detergent solution and a damp cloth, the work area is also HEPA vacuumed.

Level 3 – Area between 30 and 100 sq. ft.

In level 3 areas it becomes necessary to seal off ventilation grills and ducts before work starts. The work area and all adjacent areas are also vacated and any contaminated items are sealed in plastic bags to be disposed of.

Level 4 – Area more than 100 sq. ft.

In addition to the precautions used in the above three levels, an exhaust fan fitted with a HEPA filter is utilized to generate negative pressure in the work area. Additionally, air locks are used to completely contain the affected area.

What Remediation Equipment is Used by Remediators?

  • Moisture meters: These are utilized to measure moisture levels in your home. The remediators also use them for monitoring the progress of drying materials like wood, carpet, concrete, wallboard, and brick.
  • Humidity gauge: This equipment is used to measure the indoor humidity and temperature.
  • Humidistat: This control device can be attached to an HVAC system and set so that if the humidity level goes over the set level, the HVAC system will switch on automatically and reduce the humidity.
  • Boroscope: This is a device that lets mold remediators check for a mold problem inside ceiling plenums, walls, crawlspaces, and similar sections of the house.
  • HVAC System Filters: These are high quality filters with at least a 50-60% efficiency or MERV 8 rating. They are used to effectively filter mold spores.

If there is a moisture problem in your house in Exton, PA, or if you’ve recently experienced water damage, there could be mold growing in your home. If this is the case, you should call or email us to determine whether a mold problem exists, and if it does, we can start the mold removal process as soon as possible.

At ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration, our technicians have the required training, equipment, qualifications, and certifications to investigate mold problems and remediate them in the best possible manner.