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Carpet Cleaning Tips for Summer Parties in Exton, PA

Dirty, stained carpet– this is a homeowner’s nightmare. In the summertime, house parties are a common activity. Guests track in dirt from patios to the cushy carpet in family rooms. Don’t let a house party ruin your carpet. Follow the tips below to keep your flooring spotless when guests are over. Professional carpet cleaning is always a great way to refresh the look of your home. ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration serves all the carpet cleaning needs of the Exton, PA area.

Use Rugs and Mats to Cover Carpet

Floor coverings are not only stylish, but they protect your flooring from shoes and pets! Cover carpeted areas with runners or large mats to create a hang out area for guests. That way they can relax while also avoiding doing damage to your carpet. Leave a mat near the door for guests to place their shoes and wipe any excess dirt from their feet.

 Encourage Kids and Pets to Play Outside

Nothing is more exciting for kids than to hang out with their friends during family parties. They may get carried away though, and track dirt and mud into your home. If weather permits, create a play area outdoors for children. They will be happy, and so will your carpet! Keep pets outdoors or leave a cleaning bucket near the door to wipe off dirt from their paws.

Place the Buffet Outdoors

Food is often the epicenter of summer gatherings. Whether it is grilled meat or a buffet from a restaurant, keeping food outdoors is a good way to avoid dirt and germs from gathering inside. Set up tables and even a tent. That way, even if it rains, guests can enjoy their food while staying dry. Food tends to leave behind crumbs and spills in carpeting, which can cause mold growth.

Carpet cleaning is a necessary step to maintain the appearance of your home. Calling a professional cleaning service will save you time and energy, which you will need to plan a gathering! ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration provides professional and thorough carpet cleaning service for the Exton, PA area. Give us a call today!