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Mold Warning Signs When Purchasing a New Home—Get All Your Mold Removal Needs Solved in Exton, PA!

According to the Huffington Post, around 60% of the homes sold in 2014 were bought between the months of May to August. After long, miserable Midwest winters, summer seems like the ideal time to take some time off work and search for your perfect home. Often, that means an older home with some character—and possibly some mold. Below you will find some handy information on where to look for mold risks when checking out a possible home this summer. Don’t forget to call your local mold removal experts to take care of business if it is already too late! ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration serves the Exton, PA area.

Check the Foundation

Many old homes have weak foundations. Weaknesses can cause the foundation to shift, causing cracks and fractures in the surface. Mold can grow in the cracks and spread. If you notice crumbling, there is no need to look into it further. Have a professional come out and check the foundation to ensure it is safe.

 Leaky Roof?

A weak roof, often made of cheaper material, can have cracks in the surface which will lead to leaking. Any sort of leak that lets in moisture poses a risk for mold growth. During the summer, the combination of high heat and moisture can cause mold to grow along the inside of your ceiling. A home inspector can give you some pointers towards fixing it, or suggest you ditch the home and move forward to a new prospect.

Check for a solid ventilation system

Windows, doors, and lots of light are a recipe for killing mold spores. Basements, cellars, and dark areas are usually the common spots for mold growth. Make sure the house has a well-lit basement. This can save you a lot of hard work in the future!

Buying a new home is a life-long investment. Older homes often give you a large floor plan for an excellent price. Preparing yourself with background knowledge on what to look for when touring a potential home will allow you to purchase the smart choice. Call in a mold removal expert to take control of the situation and help prevent mold growth in the future, while eliminating existing mold. ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration serves all the mold removal needs of the Exton, PA area.