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Summer Carpet Cleaning Tips for Offices in Newtown Square, PA

The only thing worse than a stuffy office is a dirty, stuffy office!

Offices aren’t the ideal working environments during the hot summer months. Letting your employees know you value their dedication by regularly cleaning your office and maintaining a fresh appearance is a good way to keep them happy. The following basic tips will help keep your employees satisfied and your office clean this summer. If you need carpet cleaning this summer in the Newtown Square, PA area, ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration is at your service!

Get Carpet Professionally Cleaned                                             

Having your carpet professionally cleaned is a good way to present your office to customers and employees. Crumbs, dirt, and spills penetrate the surface of your carpet on a daily basis. They may not be immediately visible, but can create an unpleasant smell that employees will eventually notice. Hire a professional cleaning service to clean and revitalize carpets on a regular basis to maintain a fresh appearance and avoid premature carpet replacement.

Eat Lunch Outdoors

The warm summer months are a great excuse to get outdoors! Encourage employees to take their lunch breaks outdoors and enjoy the nice weather. Place picnic tables near trees on your office lawn for employees to utilize. This will also cut down significantly on germs and crumbs that build on carpets, desks, and computer keyboards. Everyone will be happier with a bit of sun exposure anyway!

Encourage Employees to Use Drink Lids

Coffee, pop, smoothies, etc. can cause messy stains if they are spilled onto carpeting. Place drink lids near disposable cups at the office coffee machine. Encourage your employees to use them during the work day to avoid spills. Even water bottles can cause moist spots on carpet if spilled during the day. If these moist spots aren’t quickly dried, they can cause mold growth under the surface of the carpet.

Summer is a great time to invest in the appearance of your office. Creating some simple guidelines for employees to participate in office clean-up and maintenance is a great way to get everyone involved in the system. Regularly having your carpets cleaned is a vital step towards making your office appealing to visitors and employees, while saving yourself money in the future by protecting your carpet against detrimental damage. If you are in the Newtown Square, PA area and need some carpet cleaning assistance, call ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration.