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Cleaning Tips to Make House Care a Breeze (and Help If You Need Professional Water Damage Restoration)

Cleaning can be a real pain when you already have enough to do. How can you possibly get anything done when you have to take your kids to soccer practice, mow the lawn, or make dinner? Many people avoid cleaning as much as they can, leading to clutter and discomfort. But this doesn’t have to be your fate. You don’t have to resign yourself to feeling trapped by  your own property and possessions. If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of cleaning, but want your home to be safe and sanitary—no matter what the day or month—don’t worry. We at ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration can help. The following tips should get you started, but should you have any questions about cleaning your home, or perhaps about water damage restoration, you can call us at (610) 524-8003 at your earliest convenience.

Figure Out Which Task Is Most Important

What do you need to tackle first? Is that pile of magazines on the coffee table more important to clean up than that mess in the nursery where the baby sleeps? Think about what needs to get done first, and what can be tackled the next day or during the weekend when you have more time. If you like, work out cleaning tasks that you will do on each day of the week, and then stick to your plan.

Do at Least One Load of Laundry a Day

As anyone knows, even if you live alone, laundry piles up quickly and can easily be overwhelming. However, if you try to do at least one load a day, you can prevent that huge pile that takes multiple loads and all day to finish as well as take a load off your mind. This “chunking” strategy will leave you free to tackle other clutter or cleaning tasks in your home.

Ask Your Family to Help

You can make cleaning a lot easier (and maybe even fun) by asking your family to pitch in. For example, your kids can clean up after themselves when they finish playing. Also you can alternate kitchen cleanup tasks among various family members.

And for larger cleanup projects—whether they require sewage cleanup or water damage restoration—you’ll need to find a company to help. And by calling in professionals, you’ll save yourself a huge headache.

Contact ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration of Coatesville, PA, for professional water damage restoration help. We can be reached directly online or by phone at (610) 524-8003.