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How Hoarding Can Hurt You and Why Professional Sewage Cleanup is Important in West Chester, PA

Thanks to the widespread popularity of reality shows, people around the world are learning about a human behavior known as hoarding. Some people who suffer from this behavior believe they are simply aggressive collectors. They may assume they are doing a good thing by keeping expired food in the fridge or old, rusty bicycle parts in their yard. After all, isn’t it wasteful to throw things away? Isn’t it hurtful to throw away something that somebody could use? It is and can even lead you to need sewage cleanup services.

Hoarding doesn’t help anyone, least of all the hoarder, and it can actually hurt the hoarder and the people around them. How is this possible? How could hoarding lead to the need, for example, for sewage cleanup? Keep reading to find out.

The Environment is Dangerous for You and Those You Love

When you’re a hoarder and have created an environment filled with clutter, you put your very health at risk. Hoarding can lead to the growth of mold and the buildup of animal feces, bacteria, and other filth. Your clutter could hide these issues for years, finally coming out into the open when your health has already been compromised and your home is beyond repair.

But it doesn’t just hurt you – should a friend or family member come to visit, they could also be affected by the hazards in your home, whether you know about these hazards or not. Sitting on furniture, using the bathroom, or eating anything in your home could spell trouble.

It’s Also Dangerous for the Community

Outside your friends and family, you also have to consider your community. If a fire starts in your home, firefighters may not be able to get inside to put out the flames, or clutter could fall on them and trap them. If your hoarding leads to a rat infestation, the rats could travel to your neighbor’s house.

Your Clutter Could Kill You

Clutter can and does trap people, especially the elderly. This is something to keep in mind.

Find Professional Hoarding & Sewage Cleanup Help Today

Thankfully, a professional IICRC certified hoarding cleanup company can help you get things to a healthy level. They may even be able to help with sewage cleanup. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Contact ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration of West Chester, PA for professional sewage cleanup. We can be reached directly online, or call us at (610) 524-8003.