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3 Common Causes of Hoarding and Professional Hoarding Cleanup in Malvern, PA


Hoarding is a very real issue that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored no matter how much society may deny it. It can happen to anyone, from young children to the elderly, and it can happen anywhere, from one end of the country to the other. Symptoms can include the inability to throw things away (even if said things are broken or moldy), not allowing loved ones to touch their possessions, and homes so tightly cluttered it’s impossible to move around. What causes hoarding, and why is it so important to call a professional hoarding cleanup service in Malvern, PA when the time comes?


Traumatic Events

It’s an unfortunate part of life that many people experience traumatic events, whether it comes in the form of a mugging or the death of a loved one. It can leave us feeling scared, unsure, and alone. We all deal with the aftermath in our own ways, but some people cope in the form of hoarding. They may feel that hoarding can help them build up walls to keep the bad things out of their lives and protect them from a scary, uncertain world. In fact, hoarding never helps anyone. It can cause extensive harm, and that is when a hoarding cleanup company is necessary.

cluttered home


Influence from Relatives

If you live with or know someone in your family who hoards, you may take up the habit yourself. If you grow up with or spend an extensive amount of time with a hoarder, you can grow into negative habits yourself. Once you start, it’s difficult to stop, especially if you feel your habits are logical and even smart.


Intense Buying Habits and an Obsession with Saving Money

Many people suffer from a shopping addiction, be it because they have to have the latest gadgets or because they can’t resist a sale.


Whether you need help with carpet cleaning or hoarding cleanup, you need a professional company to make sure the job is done right.