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The Dangers of Hoarding and the Importance of Hoarding Cleanup in Exton, PA

Hoarding cleanup

Hoarding is a very real and present problem. While many people might have what others call a messy home and trouble parting with personal items, for hoarders, the struggle is ten times worse. Outdated food, broken appliances, and stacks of old newspapers and magazines are just a few things they can’t bring themselves to throw away. While these are items anyone else wouldn’t hesitate to get rid of, hoarders feel they still have use and value. And it’s not just about clutter – hoarding leads to potential health hazards that not only spell trouble for the people who live inside the home, but anyone in the neighborhood, as well. So, what are the dangers of hoarding, and why should anyone bother with professional hoarding cleanup?

Rodent and Pest Infestation

When animal feces and rotten food are allowed to sit around for long periods, this can attract unwanted attention from pests and rodents. Cockroaches, rats, raccoons, and flies are just a few of the undesirable and disgusting vermin a hoarder can expect to invade their space. This spells trouble for the hoarder’s health and the health of any domestic animals that may be in the home, as their presence can lead to the spread of diseases.

Plumbing Issues

When piles of stuff are packed into a basement, plumbing issues can go unseen for long periods of time. A leaky pipe may slowly dribble water that gradually saturates everything around it. If a floor drain is covered, water has nowhere to go, so it just sits and creates a stagnant slew of problems. Both scenarios create a prime environment for mold and mildew, and if anything spews out of a floor drain, it can create the need for sewage cleanup.

Luckily, you can help make a hoarder’s home safe and sanitary by performing a hoarding cleanup. Our professional team can help you work on a plan and see it to its end, saving you the stress of trying to organize a cleaning on your own. It’s not too late to make a difference.

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